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64-bit Linux (Kubuntu), Eclipse and CUSP

December 28, 2008 1 comment

This is a short blog.

Question: how to get Cusp working on Eclipse on 64-bit Kubuntu?
Answer: install SBCL, update the Lisp properties to point to the Lisp interpreter, restart Eclipse and get to work.

The longer question: are you using 64-bit Kubuntu and having a problem getting the Cusp Eclipse plug-in to work?

The longer answer: The latest version of Cusp includes a version of SBCL that makes the plug-in a true standalone feature; the only problem is that it does not appear to work on 64-bit processors.

When I last used Cusp it did not include SBCL so all I had to do was install SBCL, update the Lisp properties, restart Eclipse and get to work. In fact, this still works so:
– in Kubuntu start the Adept Package Manager (not the Adept Package Installer) and search for/install SBCL.
– Start Eclipse. Go to Window –> Preferences –> Lisp –> Implementations.
– Put a check on Use a Lisp Sitewide Installation (executable is on the path)
– Click Browse next to Lisp Executable and find the SBCL Lisp interpreter. On my installation it is located at /usr/bin/sbcl. Click OK.

That’s it! Well, if that doesn’t work restart Eclipse. If that doesn’t work then restart Kubuntu. If that doesn’t work consider reinstalling Windows (well, maybe not).

I have to admit not trying this on a 32-bit machine, but there was a Google Groups posting that suggested this could be a problem.

While this Cusp ticket says that the bug is a feature I have not been able to get it to work regardless of the number of times I restart Eclipse.

Was that short enough? Probably not. I will try harder next time.

Or not.