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Help! My Eclipse 3.5 Plug-in Editor has Stopped Working!

The other day I went back to work on a plug-in and found that the plug-in editor was misbehaving. I have multiple installs of Eclipse (3.4 and 3.5) installed on (K)ubuntu and I suspected that might be the problem even though I never had a problem with multiple installations of Eclipse before. Heavens! What’s a blogger to do?

In fact I did what most people would do: I went to Google. What I found was Saminda Wijeratne’s blog where the problem was the same, but the solution described was quite different than I eventually discovered. However, I discovered the solution because the blog encouraged me to go to the Eclipse Preferences window and look at the Plug-in Development –> Target Definitions.

At that point I realized that the ${eclipse_home} variable was pointing to my 3.4 installation instead of 3.5! A little bit more digging also led me to discover that I could not change ${eclipse_home} explicitly within Eclipse. The solution is probably specific to Kubuntu: when I added Eclipse 3.4 and 3.5 to KDE using the Menu Editor I did not set the Advanced –> Work Path. I thought Eclipse would be smart enough to get it right, but I turned out to be wrong (not a good habit to get into).

In the image below notice how the Work Path for the highlighted Eclipse 3.5 entry specifically references my 3.5 path.

Once that was done, saved and tested there was much joy in Wonderland.

The cat was alive (though it took a while to find it).

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