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Writing an Eclipse Plug-in: Upgrading to Eclipse 3.5

This is inconvenient, but only just so.

In moving from Eclipse 3.4 to 3.5 I found that the launch configurations created under Eclipse 3.4, but run under 3.5, decided not to work anymore. How to fix them? Sadly, the quickest way was to just delete the old ones and create new ones.

So here are instructions on how to create the launch configurations for the past and future examples of this ongoing project if you want to use Eclipse 3.5:

  • Open the Run Configuration window.
  • Delete the launch configuration named customplugin. (If you have been slowly building this new project the you probably have a launch configuration named customplugin. It is safe to delete it. If you have been slowly building your own application and including all of the things I have been describing for the last few months then I am not sure how to help except to recommend copying down all of your configuration information, deleting the launch configuration and creating a new one.)
  • In the list to the left right click on Eclipse Application and select New.
  • Enter the following in the Main tab:
    • Name: customplugin
    • Location: ${workspace_loc}/../runtime-customplugin
    • Clear: check. Leave Workspace selected
    • Ask for Confirmation Before Clearing: uncheck, but if you want to be asked each time before clearing out your current runtime workbench environment you can certainly leave this checked.
    • Run a Product: org.eclipse.platform.ide
    • Runtime JRE: [whatever version of Java 6 you have been using]
  • Enter the following in the Plug-ins tab:
    • Launch With: Plug-ins Selected Below Only
    • In the Workspace node put a checkmark next to the customplugin project. Uncheck the Target Platform node. This should unselect all of the default plug-ins.
    • To the right click Add Required Plug-ins
  • Click Apply.

Go to town.

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