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Writing an Eclipse Plug-in: The Missing Zip Files

After only 22 Eclipse postings I have finally gotten around to creating the zip files for each of the posts where changes were actually made to the project. Bear in mind that the various zip files will not necessarily match up with the blog posts.

Here are the zip files:

Part 1 – customplugin_1.0.0.1
Part 2 – customplugin_1.0.0.2
Part 3 – customplugin_1.0.0.3
Part 4 – customplugin_1.0.0.4, customplugin.test_1.0.0.4
Part 5 – customplugin_1.0.0.5, customnavigator_1.0.0.5 (one zip)
Part 6 – customplugin_1.0.0.6, customnavigator_1.0.0.6 (one zip)
Part 7 – customplugin_1.0.0.7, customnavigator_1.0.0.7 (one zip)
Part 8 – customnavigator_1.0.0.8
Part 9 – customplugin_1.0.0.9
Part 10 – customplugin_1.0.1.0
Part 11 – customnavigator_1.0.1.1
Part 12 – customnavigator_1.0.1.2
Part 13 – customnavigator_1.0.1.3
Part 14 – customplugin_1.0.1.4, customnavigator_1.0.1.4 (one zip)
Part 15 – customplugin_1.0.1.5, customnavigator_1.0.1.5 (one zip)
Part 16 – customplugin_1.0.1.6
Part 17 – customplugin_1.0.1.7
Part 18 – customnavigator_1.0.1.8
Part 18.1 – customnavigator_1.
Part 19 – customnavigator_1.0.1.9
Part 20 – customnavigator_1.0.2.0
Part 23 – hidden-clause-part-23

So, customXXXXXXX_1.0.0.1 is for part 1, while customXXXXXXX_1.0.1.0 is for part 10. Sometimes changes were made to both, like we did in parts 5, 6 and 7.

The problem/challenge: while some posts only made changes to the customplugin and others to the customnavigator, sometimes you need both the latest customplugin and the last customnavigator or the latest customnavigator and the last customplugin. For example, if you want to try out customnavigator_1.0.1.8 make sure you use it with customplugin_1.0.1.7.

The animals are all asleep. They are not sure that they want to be associated with this post.

  1. March 12, 2011 at 5:00 am

    Thanks a lot for this tutorial, however, it looks like the code for customplugin.test ( is missing…

  2. November 5, 2012 at 1:28 am


    The link for this one:
    Part 13 – customnavigator_1.0.1.3
    is wrong…

    Could you please update it?

  3. Peter
    January 7, 2013 at 9:45 am

    Link for Part 13 is still down 😦

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