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Writing an Eclipse Plug-in (Part 24): Common Navigator: Configuring the submenus (Presentation…again)

August 29, 2010 9 comments

When we last left our erstwhile travelers (that would be all of you) they were surfing the quantum wave on their way to a future refactoring of their past to allow them to simultaneously feel proud of their work and embarrassed that they were following some guy who is making it all up as he goes along causing them to need refactoring in the first place.

Hey. Refactoring happens. All the time. Just ask evolution (only don’t mention the alligators).

What I will post about is adding behavior to our menu items. After having added 4 (count ’em) new menu items it is time to make them actually do something. What should they do? Well, they are going to add elements into their respective XML files (and respectively) while looking like they are adding items into their respective category nodes in the navigator.
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Writing an Eclipse Plug-in (Part 23): Common Navigator: Rewriting History

August 14, 2010 3 comments

[I am now using Git for my source control using the EGit plug-in. Of course it is only partially working. One of my projects has fully committed and the others say they are in staging no matter how many times I tell EGit to Commit. Sigh.

Also, starting with this post I am also going to make the code in this convoluted journey available for download in each post as well as the Missing Zip Files page. It will always be available in the format of whatever Eclipse I happen to be using at the time (7/18/10: Eclipse 3.6 Helios Release) so don’t blame me if you are using an older version and something doesn’t work the way I describe it. If you follow me you walk the edge. Of course, in switching to EGit I have no idea where the code for Parts 21 and 22 have gone. I hate when that happens.

Don’t forget to add your favorite plug-ins: in my case that means EGit, EclEmma, Eclipse-CS, and UMLet]

[Woo hoo! Eclipse 3.6 is finally released! I can’t wait to be one of the first to download it! Hey! Where is everybody? Oh, it was released June 23? Really? I hate when I miss an opening party…by almost two months…but it was because I was busy…in Miami…meeting with Michael Westin…]

Well, long time no hear! Yes, I am trying to write these posts a little more often than I have been, but it is amazing how real life gets in the way…what with the cat coming in and out of the box and the squirrels distracting me to no end (don’t get me started on the platypus). I guess I may be stuck with only one post per month (maybe less).

I promise not to beat myself up over it.

Speaking of which: when I started this post the sun was out scorching everything, and I was doing everything I could to stay out of its path. After a failed attempt at getting back into running (you know, diet and exercise will help you live forever, unless you exercise wrong thereby screwing up your leg muscles making it almost impossible to walk), but after a successful attempt to eat better (salad and seafood, anyone?) it is time to pay attention to the things that keep us getting up in the morning and make life worth living (no, not sex, drugs, and rock and roll, though they help): Eclipse plug-ins.

I was going to write a post on genetic programming, but I suspect the cat hid my Koza book because it thought I was going to write a fitness function to force it to choose one state or another. I’ll do that on my next visit to Copenhagen.

What I will post about is, well, fixing the past. Usually, that is quite difficult, but we will make an exception and pretend that we can fix what we did, not because it was wrong, but because our needs have changed (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it).
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