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Help! I Can’t Send/Receive Email using Verizon DSL! (or Thunderbird is Go!)

February 20, 2011 9 comments

I am now using Verizon DSL for my connectivity. Email did not work. Their on-line chat support was polite but useless. Their phone support was better, but couldn’t get me past creating a Verizon email account (which I could not do on my own using Linux as they have a Windows executable they wanted to run).

Pointless verbiage is below the solution. Things to bear in mind before starting:

  • Verizon only supports ports where your password is sent in an unsecured fashion across the net (that would be ports 110 (outgoing) and 25 (incoming)). No SSL/TLS port support. At all. Don’t bother trying.
  • All of your outgoing mail has to go through their server. Paying an ISP to do that for you? Too bad. Is the Verizon server secure? No.

Thanks, Verizon.

Here is what you need to do to get Thunderbird working with Verizon DSL:
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