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Writing an Eclipse Plug-in (Part 24): Common Navigator: Configuring the submenus (Presentation…again)

August 29, 2010 9 comments

When we last left our erstwhile travelers (that would be all of you) they were surfing the quantum wave on their way to a future refactoring of their past to allow them to simultaneously feel proud of their work and embarrassed that they were following some guy who is making it all up as he goes along causing them to need refactoring in the first place.

Hey. Refactoring happens. All the time. Just ask evolution (only don’t mention the alligators).

What I will post about is adding behavior to our menu items. After having added 4 (count ’em) new menu items it is time to make them actually do something. What should they do? Well, they are going to add elements into their respective XML files (and respectively) while looking like they are adding items into their respective category nodes in the navigator.
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Writing an Eclipse Plug-in (Part 22): Common Navigator: Adding submenus (Presentation)

May 30, 2010 2 comments

[If anyone cares: I have upgraded to Eclipse 3.6 RC3]

Happy Memorial Day weekend, everyone (at least those in the United States)!

For those who have accepted that life is meaningless, short and painful: chow down at the grill! Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow you die!

For those who believe that life is meaningful, long and joyous: don’t overdo your carbs, remember that hot dogs have artificial colors and mystery meat, and grilling your food causes the formation of cancer causing agents due to carbonization. In other words, don’t eat, drink or be too merry because the odds are you won’t be dying tomorrow (or maybe you will).

But, hey! Enjoy the weekend!

Well, with that sense of merriment out of the way it is time to go back to the real reason we are here: finishing up the popup menu.
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